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Simply join a piece of fabric at the short edges with velcro or snaps after prettying it up with some lace edges or embroidery. Check out the post on making infinity scarves for more details on making it. The front is soft 75 percent cotton terry cloth and the back is BPA- and PVC-free plastic to stop any wetness soaking through. Even if you’ve splashed out on more expensive bibs, it won’t hurt to keep a few of these on hand for travel or emergencies. Each bib is made of 100 percent organic cotton materials. They have a dual layer function so your baby stays warm while preventing drool and moisture from reaching clothes or skin.

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  • Bibs can make great gifts, as almost every parent is going to use them, often for years at a time.
  • I just completed a baby blanket to give this weekend and have leftovers so I might go and make some of these little pillows to go with the gift.
  • Place the pattern on top of the fabric and cut through both layers.
  • Our Pretty In Pink Personalized Baby Bibs are fun and fashionable with prints on one side and oh-so-soft terry cloth on the other.
  • Lay the bib down on a piece of newspaper or butcher paper.
  • Disposable ones are useful and easy to use.

If the drool isn’t baby products coming straight from his gummy smile, it’s all over those chubby sausage fingers and then all over everything around him. Well, we were tired of constantly reaching for a burp cloth to wipe him up so we gave these a try. They’re the perfect balance of cute and functional. Especially when we’re out and about we always have a way to catch all that drool.

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Soft, bandana-style bibs can help protect babies’ clothes from spit-up and absorb the flood of drool that comes with teething. Some bibs even double as teethers, with a silicone edge that babies can chew on. If you didn’t already know, our dribble bibs are just as stylish as they are functional and practical.

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I really wanted to create some modern bib designs, as my kids are generally major droolers. Triangle bandana bibs are certainly all the rage right now, and of course I couldn’t help myself from adding a bit of fringe into the mix as well. Below you will find the complete pattern, instructional photos and video tutorial for this crochet baby bib. You will also find all the materials, stitches, gauge, and sizing information. If you would like all of this in a nicely formatted printable format, you can purchase theAd-Free Large Print PDF Pattern. Hello Rachel, I really love these baby bibs of yours.

Instead, they’re made of nifty polypropylene and thermoplastic elastic rubber. They hold up well with repeated trips through the washing machine and dryer. Your baby’s entire torso will be protected, making it great for those parents trying to protect whole outfits.

If you know of a link for diapering items or bibs, that is not listed on here (or you find a broken link on this page, please let me know. Jiangyin Flyworld-Hongyong Protective Products Co., Ltd. is located in China and deals exclusively in the production and export of Apparel products. Quanzhou Newmart Kids Products I/E Co., Ltd. offers premium quality Foldable Plastic Baby Playpen for B2B importers and distributors worldwide. Quanzhou Newmart Kids Products I/E Co., Ltd. is located in China and deals exclusively in the production and export of Apparel products. I’ve been making bibs for my kids since my first child was born 16 years ago (seriously?). Neutral patterns look great on both boys and girls.

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If it does, it’s best to choose a pattern with simple stitches to let the complexity of the yarn shine through. In general, the simpler the yarn, the more complicated, lacy, or textured pattern you can use; the more complex the yarn, the simpler the pattern. Change to stockinette stitch for 63/4″ [7″, 71/2″] (17cm ). End with knit row.

And the edges that are on babies sensitive neck get softer and softer with each wash. I never understood those flat pockets on bibs that let everything fall in a poor kid’s lap. This baby bib pocket is a “catch-all-the-food” kind of a pocket. It has a hook-loop system that attaches over the shoulder.

Cut out the pattern and place it on top of your fabric for the front of your bib. Remember to place your pattern with the flat side on the fold because this is just half of the pattern. Pin the pattern to your fabric and cut around the pattern. If you don’t have access to a bib to use for a pattern, feel free to use a free printable one. Or if you are super crafty, you can draw your own. You can also use a simple cotton muslin for the back layer.

Bring this humorous side of their relationship to material life with these hysterical baby bibs. The sets come with either two pink, two blue, or one blue and one pink bib. Thanks for the pattern, I am 86 and planning on making some bibs for my #4th as she said she could use some. He was a preemie but at 6 months is like he should be, God is faithful when we ask and pray for them. Our bandana bibs feature our own custom and unique designs that are trendy and fashion-forward. They’re versatile and are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

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